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For those that have time to participate in this endeavor and want to be included on the Leadership Team please post here.

From here we can determine what needs to be done and what duties and things that need to be worked on and delegated from here.

It will also serve as communication between team members without having to repost in several locations on this discussion board.

It will also give us a good idea as to how many we have in total that are able to donate their time and efforts to support others in moving this forward.

All future posts will be under here at the moment as it pertains to the Leadership Team.

Much appreciated! I know we can get through this for the benefit of all!

Thanks! Pamela :)

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Count me in. I don't have a local scout group launched yet so I don't have much "field experience" but I do have passion, and a hope to see the successful growth of this program.
Count in as well!!  I have the Rainbow Tribe in the Tri-State area on the East Coast. I love this program and would absolutely love to see it fly!!!!!
I am back on board now as well and ready to help out!
Now that the coast is clear you can count me in as well...what a ride!
Count me in please! Our group is still small but doing well!
Count me in. We have the Western New York group. Also, I'm a graphic designer so if you need any assistance with logo design once the name is decided upon, or anything design-related, I'm happy to help!


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