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Hi everyone! My name is Alicia, I have two girls- ages 5 and 7- and a very awesome husband who is jumping into this with me. We started our Earth Scouts group recently in the Western New York (Buffalo) area, and have 8 children in it, ages 4-7. We have been gaining much momentum, and are trying to get in at least two activities per month. We're lucky to have a great group of parents who really want to be involved, and have a nice variety of outings planned for the upcoming school year. So far, we feel we are making a difference! We volunteered at a local nature preserve, decorated 100 bags for a local food shelter to deliver holiday meals in, and are holding a clothing drive. In November, we are hosting a BeadParty for BeadforLife, and in December we are volunteering at a local charity's annual fundraiser.

If anyone has ideas for group fundraising, I would love to hear them. While I'm trying to keep activities at a low or no cost, there are things we'd like to do that cost money, and I'm not sure is anyone has done anything that worked. I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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