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January's book of the month 'Win Win Solutions: An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperative Economics" ~ A Curriculum Connecting Children Around the World Through the Power of Fairness and Cooperation.  Grades 3-9 inspired me to start this discussion because I think one of the hardest badges to find sound ideas around is the Economic Justice badge. 


Fair Trade is such a wonderful new movement and if we teach our Earth Scouts about it they themselves can become teachers and 'participants' through understanding the power of choices when making consumer decisions....and therefore be able to have a long term impact on the future. 

Many Earth Scout leaders and parents already hold Fair Trade values and principles in their own choices but may not have known a good way to explain so this resource and video can help with that orientation. 


A video has been posted that is an introduction to Fair Trade here which can be watched at gatherings/meetings to introduce this concept and movement to the children.  The curriculum (copy attached below for quick download) has a very clear 'how to use' introductions and super easy 'units' of learning. 



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