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Hi there,

I did a search for alternatives to Girl Scouts and ended up here.  My daughter will be turning 3 later this summer and I want to encourage her to have some social activity that is outdoors based.  The principles of Earth Scouts align closely with my own so this seems like a good match.  However, I can't seem to find any Earth Scouts activity in the greater Seattle area on this site or broader internet search.  I find that a little hard to believe with the generally eco-friendly population and access to the great outdoors so nearby.  If indeed there are no groups already formed, I want to start my own.  I am new to my community (Finn Hill near St Edwards State Park) so I don't really know how to go about finding other families that may be interested in forming a group.  My daughter will be starting a co-op preschool this fall, so hopefully we can make some connections there.

Also, I am curious if Earth Scouts (or Charter in general) is connected to any international youth groups with similar purpose.  I mean, it is "Earth" Scouts so it makes since that it would be a global community, right?  I just thought there could be opportunity to expose my daughter to children in other countries/cultures.

One last question: there's no requirement to sell cookies or candy for fundraising, right?  That's one of the biggest turn-offs of the other scout organizations out there.  I don't feed my daughter that junk so why should I send her out to pander that stuff to the rest of the world?

Thanks for being here!


vegan, bike-commuting, energy efficiency analyst; mother of home-birthed Ellie; wife of at-home-dad, bicycle mechanic, photographer Eric  :)

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