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Hi all,

We are a big (25ish kids) and new Earth Scouts Circle in Gainesville, FL. Our current age range is 3-7, with most kids in the 4-6 range. We meet once a month with a once-monthly field trip and are about to have out first camp-out. We also have held a bake sale and a yard sale to raise money for local causes and have organized 3 creek and park clean-ups.

We are looking ahead to our first badges and would love to talk to other groups about their badge activities. Each of our meetings focuses on one of the five principles. We have done some great activities so far on Economic Justice, Respect for Nature, and Human Rights.

So far our main stumbling blocks have been 1) time (we have a board of 4-6 people that has been doing everything, and have had some attrition...we need to recruit more parents to lead and organize) 2) "vision," in terms of what meetings should be like and what we want to work towards. Would love to talk with others leading large groups. We also find our age range a bit of a challenge--the kids are pretty young generally, and a 3yo is in a really different place from a 7yo.

Look forward to talking to you all.

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Hi Carol

Hope all is going well with your efforts in Gainesville. I did not see a group for you yet - do you need some help setting it up? The time stumbling block is a real issue for everyone - you might want to think about starting a local 'Time Bank' in your community! Here is a link to more information about it and I will be posting more info in this network soon. Look forward to getting to know you more!
We do have an active group--we're getting ready for our annual yard sale right now, which will raise money for a local homeless shelter for pregnant teens (we had the kids vote and they wanted to help people without homes). Nest month we will have our second camping trip. :) What do you mean by not seeing one for us yet? Here on Ning, or elsewhere?
Hi Carol

I did not see a group for you here on Ning....

That is awesome that the children wanted to help the homeless. Just once again proves the concept that human beings are innately kind and loving creatures when allowed to. Louise and I talked a great deal about how to help groups do fundraisers and as we move along it will be a good subject of discussion in this network.

Thank you!


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