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Hi everyone. Yesterday, I took my couts to a local nature center to go hiking. We did a nature scavenger hunt and then had a discussion about habitats. The kids really enjoyed it and we had a great time. I thought I would attach my scavenger hunt list and discussion questions if anyone else wanted to use them. Thanks!



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Thanks--these are awesome!!
I think this is wonderful! We did a sort of scavenger hunt with our oldest daughter's Ecology group through school. I will see if I can remember what it was on the list, they were some vague items. I am glad you had a great time!!
This is such a great list!! I love it, thank you for sharing. How are things going? We should try to get the groups together sometime soon for some fun? Maybe a sledding trip in the winter? Or maybe a volunteer project of some sort? What are the age ranges of your group again? Mine are 6-12.


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