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Sustainable Stewardship of Our Planet Earth

Here are a list of some of the names that were mentioned as potential candidates:


Green Scouts (someone already has this domain though)

Earth Kids (this domain is taken as well)

Earth Stewards (domain taken too)

Terra Scouts (domain available)

Planet Earth Scouts (domain available)

Gaia Scouts (domain available)


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I kind of like Gaia Scouts, personally.

New World Scouts?

World Scouts?

Earth Union Scouts?


I like Gaia Scouts, but in keeping with the name staying the same, Planet Earth Scouts is good too. That's a tough one!! is available as a domain and so is but is taken - the World Scout thing is actually related with Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts so we might want to stay away from then lest we incite another 'ownership' and territorial dispute....I heard that the Spiral Scouts and even ECUS got threatened by Boy Scouts (yes so petty).
new earth scouts new earth kids and are both available as well



If we did something longer like new Earth World Scouts.  then the initials would be NEWS, like North East West South.  Not really very short and sweet, but amusing just the same.
Gaia Scouts!
What about Children for the Earth or Friends of the Earth.  Just a thought.
I like friends of the earth
gaias children

Of all the suggestions so far, I really like Gaia Scouts too. It does stink to be limited by what domains someone snatches up :(


And I agree... stay away from things that may cause other scouting programs to flare up! Ugh!




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