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Here are a list of some of the names that were mentioned as potential candidates:


Green Scouts (someone already has this domain though)

Earth Kids (this domain is taken as well)

Earth Stewards (domain taken too)

Terra Scouts (domain available)

Planet Earth Scouts (domain available)

Gaia Scouts (domain available)


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Planet Earth Kids


- I think Gaia Scouts sounds feminine - too much like a girls name. And I think the general public doesn't know who/what Gaia really is.

We had similar thoughts and also Gaia has been used a great deal by other organizations and groups - there is a big 'Gaia Network'.

"And I think the general public doesn't know who/what Gaia really is."


I think I would have to agree with this. While it is a very fitting name, this was actually my first reaction to the name. It might not attract people the way one would hope.


I like Terra Scouts as well. I wish I had other names to contribute... no creative thinking happening lately! Ha.

I like Terra Scouts.
Terra Scouts is available as well.  Terra is the Latin word for Earth and many people know that name.
My son and I vote for Gaia Scouts. :)
I like Gaia Scouts. My second choice would be Terra Scouts.
I like Planet Earth Scouts, but will ask my group on Sunday when we have a meeting.
I think planet earth scouts is best. We've been scouts 3 years, and keeping the name means the previous badges will still work. Plus, let's face it - being an earth scout is a wonderful thing. So being a planet earth scout is the same thing!
I agree i like planet earth scouts
I like Gaia Scouts, too!


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