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This is where we can begin creating and implementing the 'things to do'  list:


Here are some of the ideas that can be easily implemented immediately: 

  • Decide on a new name
  • New logo created that is licensed under 'creative commons' and therefore not subject to copyright infringement claims
  • New badges developed in alignment with the 4 pillars of the Earth Charter (no one owns the Earth Charter or it's principles - it is a civil society document) - also 'creative commons licensed.
  • New guide books created for group facilitators - creative commons licensed

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I have been a facilitator of an Earth Scouts group for several years.  My kids have earned all of the badges except for one.  Our group is having it's first meeting of the year very soon, and we planned to let the kids earn this last badge.  Can we even get that badge now??  And, we're unclear as to what we're even supposed to call ourselves! We were also going to try and "recruit" for new members, but put this on hold because we felt ill prepared to explain the whole program in detail to new people, since everything is up in the air.

What is everyone doing with their groups during this transition period?  And does anyone know when we're going to finalize a new name and start working on new badge development?


Thanks for any suggestions anyone has on this.





Hi Heidi

We think that everyone has put their input in that is going to about the new name and we were going to send out a broadcast this week about it - Planet Earth Scouts pretty much provides the needs for everyone in regards to a new name and we are working on the new logo which we wanted done by the time the broadcast went out. 


New badge designs our also on the drawing board as well new resources for groups. 




Thanks.  I like Planet Earth Scouts, too. Actually, I love Gaia Scouts as well (I even have a goat named Gaia! :) ), but think Planet Earth Scouts may work better for more people.

Looking forward to seeing new badges and resources!!






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