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So many great suggestions and recommendations have been made and we need help organizing them onto one word doc that can be downloaded and uploaded for easy editing.  If you would like to be in charge of creating and managing that doc/task please comment below.  Also please make sure it is a standard word doc and not a doc.x. 

Thank you!

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P.S.  To upload files just click the 'Upload Files' link just below this box to the left.  :-)

Ok, I'm on it. :)

Thank you Anilisa

If you need help from other members of this committee just click 'send message to group' above the member box and we are giving you admin permissions for this group as well.  Your awesome! 


My pleasure. I'll have it done by Fri. :)

Delayed but still on the job. :)

Hi Analisa

Just wanted to see if you had made any progress on the compilation.  We just sent a message to the resource development committee and part of it said, "We realize this has been slow going in many ways and all of us are stretched for time but slow and steady wins the race and right now the Turtle seems to be the Planet Earth Scouts mascot.  :-)

We appreciate your efforts and contributions - we are all time strapped so no pressure is intended by checking in with you and if you cannot continue please post what you have done and send a message to the whole group asking for some help with this task.  On the main page of this group you will see a link that says 'send message to group' near everyone's profile pics in the member box. 

Thank you!!


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