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A video tutorial is in the process of being created that will teach anyone who wants to help admin this network how to edit/add pages, welcome/approve new members, build and manage content, send out broadcasts, create groups, etc....


If you would like to contribute to this area please share what skill level you may have towards network admin (blogging experience, image editing, email communications etc) and what roles you may wish to play.  Welcoming and approving new members is a very important role and more than one person can be host/hostess :-) 



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I have video production skills, photography and blogging experience.  i also manage a 4 googlegroups for the school where I work.  will be glad to help in any way i can.  just an idea - animoto offers great slideshows with music.  let me know if you'd like an example.

Hi Stacey

We know you wrote this almost a year ago but we are catching up now and wanted to know if you would still be interested in helping to create some video tutorials?  What we need is to walk through the network features and show how they work - a screen shot program like camtasia would work with voice over.  Let us know if this is something you might like to tackle.  Hope all is well for you and thank you!


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