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Please share a little about yourself and what roles, skills/abilities, and goals you bring to the Planet Earth Scouts Leadership team here...

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Hello, my name is Aaron Helton, and I've been following this community for a couple of years, with the hope of getting my two boys involved in something that isn't the Boy Scouts, a group whose policies I disagree with.  


I am willing and able to contribute to creation and refinement of documentation and badges as well as IT related needs.  I am also willing to help out in any other capacity.

Hello Aaron

Would you be interested in being a leader in the Badge Development Committee?  We need someone to interact with all the members, orchestrate the compilation of badge ideas, work with our team and other graphic design people to finalize the images, and upload onto the network the final image files for download and write announcements with each badge release to go out on the network broadcasts. 

Hello! I am an activist and leader in the field of education and development for sustainability and my name is Samira Sharif. In 2009 I started a nonprofit educational organization with a primary focus of bringing arts, culture, sustainability and environmental education into communities across the globe. Currently I am offering various programs at our learning center for both children and adults. I strongly resonate with your ideas and the development of an online community that is in support of sustainable stewardship, therefor I would like to offer my support to this community network in any way that I can. My goal is to initiate a movement in education and the way we teach our children for the betterment of the world and the next seven generations. I have many different skills and abilities to bring into the leadership team such as writing,  research, design/ graphics and curriculum development. I am also an artist and advocate for community development projects that incorporate nature awareness through art and other creative platforms.

Hello Samira

Thank you for your support and offering of your awesome talents/skills.  Would you be interested in being a leader of the Planet Earth Scouts Manual and working with our team to write and compile the curriculum around it?  We have a good start on an outline that we can send you.  We feel the manual is the next most important resource to be developed and you would be working with the Resource Development Committee orchestrating contributions from them as well. 


Nice to be here. :)

My name is Kim and I'm momma to 4 kiddos. Our family lives on a small plot of land in Kentucky where we enjoy hanging out on the back porch and watching dragonflies.

Since my oldest two were younger, we have been involved in some kind of nature-based program.  We did Earth Scouts in the beginning, had a homeschool Spiral Scouts group, and also had a homeschool Roots and Shoots group.  Throughout that time I've been in leadership roles, and have helped in the planning of events/meetings.

This year, along with heading up a Planet Earth Scouts group, I'll be helping with Cloverbuds (4H for kids 5-8).

The skills and abilities that have come to rest in my satchel over the years were taught to me by my children. :)  Having four, I've come to understand that organization is not only your friend, it is key to running a group of kids and their parents. :)  Making due with what is on hand, seeing beauty in the small things, and learning that it doesn't take much more than time and nature to make kids happy.

In the non-Momma world, I'm a professional artist and writer, herbalist/holistic healthcare practitioner, counselor and my neighbors have officially declared me the Weird Lady Down The Street. :)

What I can bring to this group is just a sincere willingness to help.  Over the years I've watched the changes in this organization, and seen the hard work of others.  And, now that my youngest two are ready for a scouting group, it is great to come back and meet new folks.

Thanks for being here! :)

~ Kim

Hi Kim

Got your message and yes we would love to have you assist in as the Welcome Hostess and any other way that fits into your available time/energy space.  Having regular blog posts that can be featured in the monthly broadcasts is also an area that needs some leadership.  We envision someone connecting with members individually through their profile pages and encouraging them to write blog posts about their activities.  We will contact you via private message to walk through the admin dashboard instructions.  Thank you!


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