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Let's open the circle with introductions and what kinds of ideas, skills, talents, and visions you have as part of the Planet Earth Scouts leadership team. 

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Hello, My name is James Gondwe, aged 24 from Malawi, a small country in the southern of Africa. I am the founder and Acting Executive Director of Center for Youth and Development ( a Youth non profit organisation working to stimulate youths interest to sustainably tackle issues affecting them in their day to day lives. One core programme of Center for Youth and Development is Environment Management and Climate Change. 

I have been involved locally and internationally on Youth and sustainable development Activism, notable involvements include; working as Earth Charter Youth Initiative as Country Activator, working with African Views as country Coordinator, contributing to the development of the People's Petition to towards Rio+20 by Occupy Movement. 

I would like to offer my support to this network in any way that I can. My Vision is to be part of a programme that educates children and youths to carry out sustainable interventions for the betterment of today and future generations. I have a number of skills and experiences worthy bringing into the leadership team such as writing, project/programme design, networking, mobilisation, facilitation and network management.  


Hoping to grow together - James Gondwe

Hello James

We are so happy to have you be a part of the Leadership Team!  We have sent your intro out to the other members via 'send message to group' and when everyone else has jumped in we can begin looking at how to coordinate our efforts.  The Center for Youth and Development is an awesome project and very well put together.   Planet Earth Scouts would be a great partner network - do you plan to create a 'group'?  We want to support that effort in any way possible. 

Hello Network Admin,

A group in that regard would really help raise awareness about Center for Youth and Development. It will also be a platform to share interventions that Center for Youth and Development is implementing. Am very sure that Planet Earth Scouts would be a great partner network. I would really require your support regarding the group. Thanks for welcoming me to the group. Looking forward to the interaction


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