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Let's formalize our mission as a leadership team here....

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How does this sound:

The Planet Earth Scouts Leadership Team's mission is to provide ongoing leadership to members of the community through:

  • Welcoming New members
  • Providing Network Orientation
  • Answering Questions
  • Contributing Blog Posts
  • Starting and Participating in Discussions
  • Helping Groups to form
  • Contributing content to monthly broadcasts
  • Writing Articles for main blog
  • Managing the store
  • Researching and posting resources (Book of the Month etc)

The "Planet Earth Scouts Leadership Team member" is a role that any member is free to assume at any time and can withdraw at any time when it is no longer appropriate for whatever reason.  Members will be given administrative permissions where applicable and are entrusted with the ongoing evolution and well being of the community network. 



The roles are clear and its a way to go


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