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We need to gather a list of activities for the 4 Pillars of the Earth Charter Badges so that members have a starting place.  If we could write down at least 2 activities per badge for the following age groups:





Adult :-) 

We can then post these activities and other members can add their own activities to the list. 

We just did a blog post that gives an organizational outline for developing a comprehensive Planet Earth Scouts manual that was derived from the previous discussion 'Let's Get Started - Outlines'

We know it has been a long road for Planet Earth Scouts since the transition from non-profit governance but we are firmly committed to seeing new resources made available and the evolution of this project survive into the future. 

Thank you

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A suggestion that just came to my mind, as my 9 year old son is currently working on this. What about growing an organic medicinal herb garden. With this project, my son has learned what happens through the composting process, how to grow and harvest herbs, and which herbs can be used to treat a variety of ailments.  I'm thinking the 8-10 or 11-14 age range, for the Respect and Care for Community Badge.

Hi Bette

This is an excellent project - could you do a simple 'how to' write up based on your experiences and post it here? 

Thank you!

Sure....I'll work on it over the coming week.


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