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Here is a begining outline Draft for the Planet Earth Scouts Manual:


Planet Earth Scouts  

  21st Century Stewards of the Earth



An Open Source Creative Commons Publication


Unlike the previous Baby Boomer and their parents before them, every single child, youth, and young adult alive today was born and raised with a view of Earth from outer space.  The beautiful blue ball nestled in the heavens is a picture that is intricately woven into the deepest subconscious mind of anyone born and in diapers after those first photos were taken from outer space.

Although there has not been much dialogue about the implications of how this would effect the generations born during and after it would seem obvious to anyone how seeing the Earth from that view would change the basic orientation of any human being from a flat-mapped nationalistic reality to a zero borders holistic reality.


This basic shift in orientation has birthed a new set of basic priorities and responsibilities within the entire human race in terms of care and stewardship of our planet Earth. 


This shift in priorities is evidenced in all facets of our existence as we seek to pull from our diverse multi-cultural past wisdom and knowledge of our ‘interdependence’ with all life and at the same time pioneer new technologies and methods of effective ways to transition our world to sustainable systems and structures. 


As part of our responsibility to our planet we are also seeking to heal and regenerate Earth’s wounded ecological, social, and political systems.  ‘Stewardship’ implies ‘care’ and the 21st Century human cannot avoid this responsibility without consequences that have been well documented. 


Planet Earth Scouts is an evolved ‘scouting’ program that provides a holistic 21st Century alternative to the ‘Boy Scout’ and ‘Girl Scout’ programs for children that were created before Earth was seen from the heavens and the humans in ‘power’ believed that ‘manifest destiny’ and military/economic dominion of the Earth was the highest priority and attainment. 


This manual is a creative commons publications which means that it cannot be ‘owned’ or subject to ‘dominion’ copyright laws and therefore can be freely expanded, revised, edited, and adapted to suit the needs of Planet Earth Scout parents, teachers, facilitators, and leaders globally who wish to contribute to the ongoing evolution of the Planet Earth Scout mission – to steward, regenerate, and heal ourselves, our planet, and all life and species that we are interdependent with. 


History & Acknowledgements

“There is nothing new under the sun” Ecclesiastes 1:9

Planet Earth Scouts is the next generation manifestation of the ‘Earth Scouts – A Program of Earth Charter US’ that Jan Roberts from the Earth Charter US originally founded in 2002.  The program was orientated around the Earth Charter and Jan Roberts’ vision was one of seeing children everywhere be able to learn how to co-create a more just and sustainable world through the guiding principles of the Earth Charter. 

The program itself fell under the control of the Earth Charter U.S. aging board of directors and through lack of effective and proper use of technology the ‘Earth Scouts’ as a program was unable to evolve because it was held under copyright/ownership dominion. Thus the community network that formerly identified with the original program voted to break away and become a community owned and led group. 

The authors from the SeThInk Media team wish to acknowledge Jan Roberts and her passionate dedication to the children of the future and we pray that she can see the manifestation of her vision through the existence of Planet Earth Scouts. 

Table of Contents

  1. Forward
  2. History & Acknowledgements
  3. How to Use and Contribute to this Manual
  4. Planet Earth Scouts Mission
  5. Planet Earth Scouts Pledge & Induction Oath
  6. Planet Earth Scouts Tree of Sustainability
  7. Getting Started
  8. Forming your Group
  9. Establishing Your Timeline
  10. Earning Badges
  11. Sustain Yourself
  12. Path of Beauty
  13. 7 Generations – Passing the Feather
  14. Sustainability Education
  15. Organic Earth
  16. Green Energy
  17. Earth Shelters
  18. EcoVillage
  19. Leaders Who Follow
  20. Globalocalsphere
  21. Creating Badges & Activities
  22. The Earth Charter
  23. The 4 Pillars
  24. Badges

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Replies to This Discussion

This looks great!

Any updates on the manual? I have a group that will be starting next month and needed some info to share with our sponsors! 

Sounds great!!

Hi Heather

We are making good progress but got side-tracked with writing the Earth Charter Local Endorsement Guidebook this month - almost done with that and then the manual is back at the top of the list.  We can send you what we have so far of the manual - would you like us to do that? 


That would be great! Making a presentation to the sponsoring school and would like as much info as possible! Keep up the good work!



Could I get an updated copy as well? We are beginning a new group here in Northern Virginia that will start meeting in August. While I have made a lot of notes on my ideas, I want to be sure I am on track.


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