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Comment by Shannon Sims on February 6, 2011 at 3:51pm

Some of the ideas from the last meeting - (as many as I could remember off the top of my head isn't many considering i'm battling bronchitis)


*Tour of the State Capital - with a focus on making laws that focus on human rights.

*Possibly assigning the children to read Magic Tree House  books -

  Revolutionary War on Wednesday and Civil War on Sunday then viewing reinactments come this summer


*Seeing how life would have been for a slave by going to Sturbrige Village

*Taking a tour of the FBI's New Haven office's Civil Liberties department? (haven't found out anything on that front btw)


*Starting a Pen Pal Ring


*Getting involved with a small charity - like providing water to other nations?


....all I could think of for

Comment by Shannon Sims on February 6, 2011 at 3:43pm

forward from my discussion board...


Hi Shannon

Amnesty's website is very hard to navigate for simple resources for children.  I found this cool thing though while I was doing the research, it is an activity that I think 10 year old Earth Scouts could do:


PART A: Human Rights for a New Planet

1. Read the following scenario:

A small new planet has been discovered that has everything needed to sustain human life. No one has ever lived there. There are no laws, no rules, and no history. You will all be settlers here and in preparation your group has been appointed to draw up the bill of rights for this all-new planet. You do not know what position you will have in this country.

2. Instruct participants, working in small groups, to do the following:

a. Give this new planet a name.

b. Decide on ten rights that the whole group can agree upon and list them on the blackboard or chart paper.

3. Each group presents its list to the class. As they do so, make a "master list" that includes all the rights the groups mention, combining similar rights.

4. When all the groups have reported their lists, examine the master list:

  • Do some of the rights overlap? Can they be combined?

  • Is any right listed on only one list? Should it be included or eliminated?

5. Discussion questions:

  • Did your ideas about which rights were most important change during the activity?

  • How would life be on this planet if some of these rights were excluded?

  • Are there any rights you would still like to add to the final list?

  • Why is making a list like this useful?

I am going to also post this in the forum.  I will keep you posted on any new resources I dig up :-)

Thank you



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