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APRIL 2011


 Greetings Earth Scout Community!

What a whirlwind this past month has been for everyone! Many of you have now met Deborah Love, SeThInk Media's executive assistant, who has been helping to manage this network this past month. There has been so many new members and we wanted to mention to that we have archived all of the past network broadcasts here so that when new people join they can read up on what has been happening every month!

We are happy to announce that the Earth Charter US's updated and optimized website and new community network has officially launched! The website has a full page about Earth Scouts and a new 'Earth Charter Parenting' program that is being developed by a committee of ECUS board members. Now that the site and new network is live we look forward to much needed energy and time being devoted to the Earth Scouts.

Earth Day is always an exciting time for those of us who have committed ourselves to the task of transitioning our culture to a peaceful and sustainable world. We apologize that we were not able to facilitate an Earth Scouts Earth Day campaign/activities this year but we hope many of you are participating in our new partners, the Children & Nature Network, Let's GO! (Get Outsite) campaign.


We had planned to do a special Earth Scouts storytelling day with storytellerJayátu but due to some difficulties around the ECUS launch all of us were unable to pull the plan together. We will be spending part of Earth Day listening to the John Muir CD's that SeThInk published forJayátu because John Muir's birthday is on April 21st!

They are currently doing a special sale in honor of him where you can purchase both CD's for the price of one. Tonight PBS aired a special documentary about John Muir that we hope will be made available for private purchase. Such an amazing man he was. Our favorite story is 'Stickeen' which Jayátu tells with a perfect John Muir voice (he had a Scottish accent) about a little dog who accompanied him on one of his expeditions.


The Earth Charter US store has launched as well with its first product: A beautiful full color Earth Charter posterthat can be ordered in sizes from 11x16 to a giant 35x49. The Earth Scouts store will also be seeing some attention given to developing new products. We ordered a new poster today and it should be here before Earth Day.


Deborah has been doing a great job welcoming everyone this past month and the Earth Scouts are so lucky to have such a committed team not only sponsoring this network but devoting hundreds of hours over this past year to keep things evolving. I am just blown away at their passion and long term vision for not just Earth Scouts but the many other projects and partnerships that the SeThInk Media team is currently engaged with. They also sponsor manage the Transition Towns California network and some of the members here may have joined from the Earth Scouts link on that networks main page. They also sponsor a network called 'Believe Africa' and 'Children's Agenda International'. If you would like to express your appreciation to them directly you can leave a comment on their network creator profile page here....



The Book of the Month for April are free download pdf books that will hopefully be an excellent resources for helping Earth Scouts to earn their 'Democracy' badge. The Democracy Book and the Freen Enterprise Book with companion Teachers guides by Dr. Epps were written from a really deep and caring place...Click here to read full blog post and download the books!


Hope you all have an awesome Earth Day and please do post your stories/activities/photos!



Earth Scouts Coordinator


MARCH 2011


March 20, 2011
Greetings Earth Scouts Community!

Happy Spring Equinox! Yes it is officially the first day of spring (March 20) even if wherever you are is not quite showing evidence...there is snow on the ground here in the California Sierra Mtns. With April just around the corner and Earth Day celebrations now is the time for Earth Scouts to start planning some great activities.

One great way to celebrate this coming April’s Earth orientated themes is to have an Earth Scouts Festival or have a table at an Earth Day event in your community. The Earth Scouts have been seeking to partner with the Children & Nature Network and for the whole month of April they have launched their Let’s GO campaign – Let’s Get Outside.

Your Earth Scouts group could plan a ‘get outside and be active, have fun, and connect with nature’ day or if you are not a part of a group this could be a great way to meet folks in your area that may be interested in starting a group with you! Your group can easily participate by clicking this link and either finding an event near you or creating an event. They have downloadable flyers that you can add your Earth Scouts logo to and a toolkit with ideas and other resources for planning.

Spring has also brought us a new Administrative Assistant to the Earth Scouts Network. Deborah Love is the new Executive Assistant of SeThInk Media, which is the Earth Scouts sponsor (fiscally & technologically) and she is bringing her enthusiasm and relevant skills to be of service. She will be working to get the new members welcomed and support everyone who may need it. Some of you know how hard everyone has been working to help evolve this program and I will be contacting those of you who have offered to help as well soon to discuss some of the needs of the network.

Currently we are working on getting the store set up so that groups can easily purchase T-shirts, buttons, badges, mugs, and a bunch of other products that help create the feel of a real club. We are making sure these T-shirts can be ‘customized’ so that you can add your groups official name and/or any other text/graphics.

And remember the survey we keep saying is going to be sent to all of you intended to help the ECUS board take forward steps in determining your needs around insurance and tax exemption? I wanted to let you know it will be coming out probably next month after the new ECUS website and network launch (we will be announcing that date when it is set).

March’s “Book of the Month” is 365 Ways to Live Green for Kids!
Inside this book there are all kinds of great activities geared towards 9-12 year olds but when I read the table of contents and read some of the reviews I think this book is also full of activities for younger children for sure. You can read the whole table of contents yourself and decide if it would be a good resource for you Earth Scouts group library!

Once again – Happy Spring!

Earth Scouts Administrator



Feb. 24, 2011

Greetings Earth Scouts Community!


I just wanted to let everyone know that the move was seamless and I am back in the saddle again! Apologies to the new members who joined this week for having to wait on your 'approval'...I was in the middle of a cross state move. 


I am thrilled to see how many of you joined the new Badge Development Committee group and I will be joining the discussions in the next couple days.  I am working with the team at SeThInk Media now helping them to integrate all the Earth Scout stuff into the new Earth Charter US website and network so that this program can take its next evolutionary leap and hopefully be able to grow in the support arena.  Many of you have been holding the Earth Scouts torch for years and I really need to hear from you at this time what kinds of resources and support you feel are super important for your own groups continued well being. 


I mentioned in the last broadcast that a survey was being prepared by the ECUS board of directors that will help them in their pursuit of liability coverage for Earth Scouts but that is just one facet of support that a group may need.  So I have started a new discussion in the forum called 'What kinds of Support do you need from the Earth Scouts Program?"and I urge you all to put in your 2cents so that we can build this network/program to best serve your needs. 


Thank you all!


Earth Scouts Network Admin


Feb. 21, 2001

Greetings Earth Scout Community

I hope everyone's February has been going great.  This time of year I always begin to feel giddy for spring and during the past few weeks I have been planning a move to California to get there in time for spring planting.  I have been invited to join the SeThInk Media team, who created and sponsor this network, to work with them while they launch the new Earth Charter US network which the Earth Scouts is going to be fully featured on!  I am leaving tomorrow and will be plugged in and back online by next weekend.  I found a great little cabin in Grass Valley and will be able to participate in introducing Earth Scouts to folks in Nevada County! 

I have been participating in phone meetings with the ECUS board discussing the evolution of Earth Scouts.  This network has been up for a year now and folks started joining and migrating from the yahoo group pretty heavily in March/April.  Building an online network for Earth Scouts so that everyone could be able to more easily connect with each other and start groups was just the beginning of the process and now that the network has reached the place that it has it is very important that I have a solid sense through direct feedback from all of you in regards to what your needs are, what your experience so far has been with the new network, and have you share some information to assist the ECUS board in being able to secure a way of providing insurance coverage for groups who have expressed that desire as well as tax exempt privileges for groups who need that mechanism for effective sponsor/fundraising activities.  


So the only way that this can happen is the dreaded survey and unfortunately I cannot offer any prizes or bribes to get everyone to participate.  All I can do is ask you to please please when the survey is ready participate knowing that your participation is going to help expedite the availability of much needed support and resources for all Earth Scouts groups.  The survey will probably be ready next month so I wanted to give everyone the heads up and fill you in as much as possible. 


Badges:  I have been in communication with Pamela Williams about expanding the Badges.  She has done some really creative stuff around them and we will be talking more about how we can expand beyond the current badges through sub-badges so we would love to have anyone who is inspired and interested in contributing to join us in the new Earth Scout Badge Development Committee here.


February's book of the month is one of my all time favorites: 

WESLANDIA by Paul Fleischman.  My nephews loved this book and it really inspired them to start their own garden and the older one even created his own alphabet and language (10 year old style of course).  If you have not yet found this treasure most libraries have it and if not I posted an Amazon link on the site.  Click here to learn more!


So by the time I send out the next broadcast I will have moved across one time zone and I look forward to the next exciting steps that we are all going to take together as Earth Scouts continues its evolution!  Earth Scouts founder Jan Roberts is elated about how things are moving forward and she sends her best wishes to everyone and will be joining us soon.  


Thank you!
Dawn Gracewind
Earth Scouts Admin






Greetings Earth Scout Community!



2010 was a great year for the Earth Scouts in terms of getting this new network launched which has allowed all of us to finally have a common network to gather on and now that we are entering 2011 it is time for all of us to set our goals for the coming year.

The Earth Charter U.S. board of directors is having their annual meeting and will be finalizing decisions that have been in the works around the Earth Scouts being one of the primary or 'flagship' programs! The details of what this will mean for the evolution of the Earth Scouts will be forthcoming but you can read more about it in this blog post here.




The 'storytelling' theme was prominent in November and December with the featured 'Book of the Month' and Jayátu holiday storytelling event. This month we are featuring not an actual book but an 'ebook' download that is a curriculum that can be used by Earth Scout parents and facilitators that can be used creatively towards earning the 'Economic Justice' badge...which is always challenging to find ideas for! It was published by Equal Exchange and is called 'Win Win Solutions". A video has also been posted introducing 'Fair Trade' and a discussion has been linked on the blog post for further conversations.

Win Win Solutions: An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperative Economics"
~ A Curriculum Connecting Children Around the World
Through the Power of Fairness and Cooperation. Grades 4-9

I also want to mention that we are working on creating an online registration form so that we don't have to use the print/snail mail form anymore so please if you have recently joined just hold off on that until we get the online one up and running. The Earth Scouts Store is also getting upgraded/updated. Apparently the graphics were not properly optimized for printing on some of the merchandise and that should be back online soon as well. There has also been a bunch of new members who have joined that I have not had time to properly welcome so I apologize and just know I do see you and when I get caught up I will be connecting. Until then if you need any help please don't hesitate to send me a message and 'friend' me :-)


Onward and Upward!


Earth Scouts Network Admin





Greetings Earth Scout Community

As you know this months 'Book of the Month' was about storytelling and activities for peace. The Earth Scouts have been invited to attend the online holiday debut of storyteller Jayátu - A Tale Feather of the Golden

Jayátu has performed children's stories all over the country and SeThInk Media, one of the fiscal sponsors of this network, has launched an online web portal where families can now have access to the magic of Jayátu's stories.

This holiday story will be in video format on a private viewer and will go live on
December 21st and be available for viewing and sharing through January 6th.  Attendees will also be gifted an unpublished story 'A Tree in the Forest' audio download.  You must sign up for this event to receive the link and gift.


The story is called 'The Big Jump' - you can click here to read a summary.


The Groups Directory has been updated and I am available to help with any questions. Please if you have a group be sure to invite all members of your group to join this network by using the 'invite more' link from inside your group page.  You can enter their email addresses manually or import them from your email account.   By using the 'invite more' from inside your group they will automatically be signed into your group when they register.  Let me know if you need any help.


I am accepting any book and website links for consideration on the new Books & Websites page that Earth Scout member Pamela Williams from Illinois recommended.  Simply send them to  I have added the 'book of the month' on this page to get it started and will reformat it as the recommendations and links come in. 


As we move through the holiday season be sure to take time to sit with a warm cup of your favorite hot beverage and perhaps spend some time storytelling with your children!  I hope you all sign up for the Jayátu holiday story and if you are interested in any Jayátu storytelling CD's the Earth Scouts have been registered to receive a discount coupon for and extra five dollars off any CD purchase by typing 'Earth Scouts' into the coupon field on the order page.  


Have a happy holiday!


Earth Scouts Network Admin





Greetings Earth Scout Community!

Hope this message finds you all well and ready for the Thanksgiving Feasting!  We have had many new members join these past few weeks and I wanted to let all the new members know that this network lost it's former coordinator, Louise
, last summer and the Earth Charter U.S. board is going to designate a new coordinator soon.  Here is a link to last month's broadcast for more info.

A few weeks ago the Earth Charter U.S. became an official allied organization to a campaign called 4 Years. GO. and the Earth Scouts are now a part of
this campaign as well.  Click here to read more about it and watch a short video
We will be posting more about it in the coming weeks. 


This months featured 'Book of the Month' is Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories, Storytelling, and Activities for Peace, Justice, and the Environment.  This book is a rare out of print but copies can be obtained on the Amazon link on our network site and there is also a link for a free online reading through Google books.  Click here to read more


As the holiday season is upon us please feel free to share
your holiday traditions, recipes, inspirations, and activities

by posting in this new forum category set up just for the


Blessings to you all!


Earth Scouts Assistant Admin





Greetings Earth Scouts

This network has been growing weekly since it was launched and it is great to see everyone from the yahoo group and new folks signing up to continue their Earth Scout efforts and learn more about Earth Scouts.  Louise Gammons announced to us that she is going to be having a new addition to the family and therefore will no longer be able to serve as coordinator for Earth Scouts so we have created a 'Thank You" blog post for her and you are all invited to leave your own personal note to her in the comments here...

The assistant admin (me) will be managing the network until a new coordinator is appointed.  This network is now linked directly from the Earth Charter US main website now thanks to George (thank you George) and there will be much effort going into the content development of this platform over the coming weeks. 

Special emphasis will be given to relationship building within the network and one of the first things you can do to assist that process is to please upload a photo of yourself (or some picture that you like) so that your profile page does not have just the generic avatar.  It is really easy - just click on your photo on your profile page and you can upload from your computer - let me know if you have any trouble. 

We will also be doing regular broadcasts so you can expect to hear more about new members and updates on the platform on a more regular basis. 

Earth Scouts Network Book of the Month


We will be featuring a 'Book of the Month' every month and this months title is 'Last Child in the Woods' by Richard Louv.   Click here to read more about this amazing book that has birthed a movement called  Children & Nature Network.

We also added a few more videos and encourage you to share some of your own favorite videos that relate to sustainability, peace & non-violence, earth stewardship, and other inspirational content appropriate for Earth Scout families
and children.

Most important we need to hear from all of you about your needs, visions, desires, goals, and ideas for the evolution of your Earth Scout group or family.  The best way to begin is to introduce yourself here if you have not already.  I haveread through the existing introductions and will be waiting for yours!  I am not the official new 'coordinator' but I can get the answers you need. Please feel free to send me a private message, leave a comment, or start a discussion in the "Conversations with the Assistant Admin" with me. I am also working to get
more communication with the old Yahoo group because I think a great
deal of people may have fell through the cracks during the transition to this network. I will be active in here even after the new coordinator comes on board and helping him/her get orientated.  Just wanted to assure you that I am not 'temporary' or plan on leaving...

Onward & Upward

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