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November 2010 Blog Posts (9)

Global Village School

Is your Earth Scout Family homeschooling or considering homeschooling? If so then the Global Village School is worth checking into. Global Village offers a progressive, accredited, customizable K-12 homeschooling program featuring online and text-based curriculum with individualized teacher service.…


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Humane Society needs help!

Here in The Dalles, Oregon we have the Home At Last Humane Society, which houses many dogs and cats from around a multi-county area. Due to budget cuts, escalating costs and other circumstances our Humane Society is on the verge of closing it's doors. A bond put on the November ballot failed miserably, which would have funded over $300k to the Humane Society at the expense of the taxpayers.

In our already tight economy, the voters decided that this was not in their best… Continue

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Healing Foods Pyramid

I found this cool new food pyramid and wanted to share it with everyone. Click here to visit the website and the 'interactive' pyramid. You can also…


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Birds in your life....

Here in The Dalles we have our share of magnificent birds, from bald eagles to seagulls to juncos. But we don't have a lot of very colorful birds. Oh sure, we have robins, western meadowlarks, and some finches. But I mean the really vibrant colors like purples, reds and such.

So, for this Yule we are making bird ornaments. In Native American traditions, as well as some others, birds are a symbol of air, and air is related to thoughts, communication and the mind. We wanted to teach our… Continue

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Friendships, Freedom and Healing Waters

I came upon a beautiful picture of an autumn scene, while reading Mother Earth News magazine. The top of the scene held a message from Ralph Waldo Emerson saying, that nature always wears the colors of the Spirit. As I pondered the image and the words, Mother Earth herself spoke to me of her thirst. My heart prayed. The scene around Kentucky here is of a very dry nature. I was praying with my pipe at sunset this evening as I gazed upon one of my guardian trees. Its leaves were…


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Throw Down Your Heart

Thursday has caused us to throw down our hearts. We were searching for a little something today. The day found us watching a music documentary about Bela Fleck: Throw Down Your Heart. Bela travels to Africa and visits the birthplace of the banjo. As we delved into our music culture lesson for the day, we learned many things about east and west Africa. For one, Throw Down Your Heart is a term that was given birth, because the mainland people would travel to Tanzinia and see…


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I saw something about growth in a tree, in me.

I saw something about growth in a tree, in me. My kids were outside around 9:30 am. Bundled and blowing their breaths to see the fog. The sun was causing the dew water to light up the old growth in our field, it took my breath and made me smile. The brothers climbed the tree and looked up as old leaves were showering them. It was magic. As boys are and energy is, the eldest shook a branch with fervor. As I watched out my window, I felt the stress the tree must feel.…


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Book of the Month - Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories, Storytelling, and Activities for Peace, Justice and the Environment

Greetings Earth Scouts Community!

This months featured book is actually an awesome resource for any Earth Scout leader or family. Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope is actually two books in one. There are many tales included and also…

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Chaos central

Welcome to chaos central. Things have gotten really hectic lately. It's been nothing but trouble at my son's school so we are taking them to mediation.

In other news, we got many new releases at Barefoot Books ( and new products at so take a look around. Help me cheer me up placing your order…

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