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Water Plant Tour

Hi Everyone,


Our group has been working toward their Human Rights badge this past year. One of the topics that we have started to explore is water and access to clean water. To start on discussion on this we took the kids (and parents) on a pretty cool tour of a local water plant and wastewater facility. I highly recommend a tour like this, if you're able to arrange it--it was pretty fascinating.

Here's a write-up that my hubby did about our experience:…


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Recyle old flip flops at Old Navy stores through May 21

Thought this might be of interest to members:


TerraCycle® is proud to announce that we have partnered with Old Navy to collect used flip-flops at Old Navy stores through the…


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Book of the Month - The Democracy & Free Enterprise Books!


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Let's GO Campaign - Earth Scouts Partner with the Children & Nature Network

In April we are kicking off a partnership with the Children & Nature Network with the Let's GO (Get Outside) campaign.

What is Let’s G.O.!?…


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March's Book of the Month - 365 Ways to Live Green For Kids!


365 Ways to Live Green for Kids: Saving the Environment at Home, School, or at…


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Another way to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose!

I remember being a young girl, standing in the kitchen helping my grandmother with dishes, or some other chore. Being the floor was linoleum, standing in there barefoot was not a welcome thought. But the exception was right by the sink....a beautiful, comfortable rag rug. It's beautiful colors undulated on the rug, begging young tender feet to stand on it without worry. Thinking back on that wonderful memory, a friend posted about how she is making toothbrush rag rugs, and I was transported…


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Festival for the Columbia Gorge area.....

I am truly inspired by the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute and NW Parks and Rec, for their commitment to making our area better for everyone, and for providing wonderful opportunities and events for the community and schools to participate in.


I would love to hold an Earth Scouts Festival here in the next few months, not only to promote the group and this wonderful community around the world, but also to provide kids with resources to become the wonderful people they can be.…


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Share Your Soles -- Collecting Shoes

Hi all,


I just wanted to share a blog post of a recent project our ES group did for a great organization that happens to be local to us. The organization is Share Your Soles, and the kids collected shoes as part of their work towards their Human Rights badge.

Here's the link:…


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Just started a new blog...

I just started a NEW blog that I intend to upkeep about me and my family's life.

My first post was all about Earth Scouts! I can't wait to see what others have to say about it...

My NEW Blog - The Holistic Mommy


Take Care all! Enjoy! Pamela :)

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Book of the Month - WESLANDIA

"Creative, interesting, meaningful; these words all describe Paul Fleischman's fictional story Weslandia. As an outcast, Wesley has no friends is quite strange but when he decides grow a staple food crop and create his own civilization people…


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Be Your Own Paper Recycling Company!

Did you know that you can make paper yourself? For many years paper was made by hand and therefore was very expensive.  People treated it with great care, and never threw it away. They always saved it after they used it, and made new paper from it. Paper can be made from wood, cotton rags, linen fabric, grass,…


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BeadParty to benefit BeadforLife- a fun event that benefits a great organization

Our group hosted a BeadParty and raised $413 for BeadforLife, an organization that helps impoverished African women. The kids helped sort the boxes of jewelry, set up for the party, make signs and collect the money. It didn't cost us anything to host it- even shipping both ways is free. Info can be found…


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Book of the Month - Win Win Solutions: An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperative Economics

January's book of the month is not a 'book' but an amazing curriculum resource pdf download ebook for grades 3-9 that has…


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Recycle old books, CDs and movies

Not sure if I'm the last person in the world to know about this, but I recently stumbled upon where you can trade in old movies, books, games and CDs for other items you want. It's really easy and fun, and a great way to recycle old items that are collecting dust in your house. Might be a fun group way to trade up for Earth Scouts-related books!

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Recycling is fine, and fun, art!

I know many of us have experienced finding a stray crayon, broken in pieces, lying around the house. No wrapper, just the crayon. If you're like me, some of you put them in a box or bag, setting them aside for some future art project. Some that are in better condition can be donated or given away, but for those lost little pieces, what to do with them?


Our girls were given a wonderful little device, a Crayola Crayon Maker, yesterday and have made 15 crayons so far! Their…


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Global Village School

Is your Earth Scout Family homeschooling or considering homeschooling? If so then the Global Village School is worth checking into. Global Village offers a progressive, accredited, customizable K-12 homeschooling program featuring online and text-based curriculum with individualized teacher service.…


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Humane Society needs help!

Here in The Dalles, Oregon we have the Home At Last Humane Society, which houses many dogs and cats from around a multi-county area. Due to budget cuts, escalating costs and other circumstances our Humane Society is on the verge of closing it's doors. A bond put on the November ballot failed miserably, which would have funded over $300k to the Humane Society at the expense of the taxpayers.

In our already tight economy, the voters decided that this was not in their best… Continue

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Healing Foods Pyramid

I found this cool new food pyramid and wanted to share it with everyone. Click here to visit the website and the 'interactive' pyramid. You can also…


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Birds in your life....

Here in The Dalles we have our share of magnificent birds, from bald eagles to seagulls to juncos. But we don't have a lot of very colorful birds. Oh sure, we have robins, western meadowlarks, and some finches. But I mean the really vibrant colors like purples, reds and such.

So, for this Yule we are making bird ornaments. In Native American traditions, as well as some others, birds are a symbol of air, and air is related to thoughts, communication and the mind. We wanted to teach our… Continue

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Friendships, Freedom and Healing Waters

I came upon a beautiful picture of an autumn scene, while reading Mother Earth News magazine. The top of the scene held a message from Ralph Waldo Emerson saying, that nature always wears the colors of the Spirit. As I pondered the image and the words, Mother Earth herself spoke to me of her thirst. My heart prayed. The scene around Kentucky here is of a very dry nature. I was praying with my pipe at sunset this evening as I gazed upon one of my guardian trees. Its leaves were…


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