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Throw Down Your Heart

Thursday has caused us to throw down our hearts. We were searching for a little something today. The day found us watching a music documentary about Bela Fleck: Throw Down Your Heart. Bela travels to Africa and visits the birthplace of the banjo. As we delved into our music culture lesson for the day, we learned many things about east and west Africa. For one, Throw Down Your Heart is a term that was given birth, because the mainland people would travel to Tanzinia and see…


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I saw something about growth in a tree, in me.

I saw something about growth in a tree, in me. My kids were outside around 9:30 am. Bundled and blowing their breaths to see the fog. The sun was causing the dew water to light up the old growth in our field, it took my breath and made me smile. The brothers climbed the tree and looked up as old leaves were showering them. It was magic. As boys are and energy is, the eldest shook a branch with fervor. As I watched out my window, I felt the stress the tree must feel.…


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Book of the Month - Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope: Stories, Storytelling, and Activities for Peace, Justice and the Environment

Greetings Earth Scouts Community!

This months featured book is actually an awesome resource for any Earth Scout leader or family. Spinning Tales, Weaving Hope is actually two books in one. There are many tales included and also…

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Chaos central

Welcome to chaos central. Things have gotten really hectic lately. It's been nothing but trouble at my son's school so we are taking them to mediation.

In other news, we got many new releases at Barefoot Books ( and new products at so take a look around. Help me cheer me up placing your order…

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Back to the drawing board

It's looking more and more likely that I will have to homeschool again this year. School isn't working out well for my son. Plus, his Immune Deficiency is ever so present and he's already missed many days of school due to illness.

All the more reason to find or start an Earth Scouts group in my area. Hoping to find others in Metrowest, MA who are interested in Earth Scouts.

You can find me on twitter (BooksByBarefoot) and I have a facebook page…

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Children & Nature Network

As the Earth Scouts continues to evolve it is very important to link up and partner with related, relevant, and high quality movements that are in alignment with our mission to provide our children with a healthy and sustainable future. The Children & Nature Network is one of those movements. Since…

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Book of the Month - Last Child in the Woods

Greetings Community Members




This months featured book is called "Last Child in the Woods-Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder" by…


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An umbrella is no longer just an umbrella!!

How many times have you had an umbrella that, when the wind would blow, would turn itself inside out and upside down? The arms would bend and the resulting anomaly would look like some kind of deformed industrial flower.

Now how many of you have thought about a way to REUSE that pile of supposedly unusable parts?

You can take the umbrella's fabric off and reuse it to make a market bag, pet jackets or little rain hoods....just to name a few!! The leftover hardware can be used… Continue

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A topic worth working toward...literally! Peace & Non-Violence badge

I recently learned of two girls at our local middle school who were having issues with boys sexually harassing them to the point of physical altercations and self-defense. Their situations follow:

Girl 1:

A boy was physically grabbing her shoulders and arms, trying to pull her closer to him. When she managed to get away, he pushes her and she falls down and hits her head on the floor. Bystanders said she did NOT… Continue

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Making a talking stick...effective and constructive!

Young kids often have difficulty waiting their turn to talk, even with raising a hand to show they need to say something. Often times kids are overlooked when raising a hand, or they only take a few responses. With a talking stick, each child has a turn to speak, with guidelines about polite language, staying on topic, and manners.

Talking sticks can be made of any type of wood, incorporate any type of decorations (shell, bead, leather, feather, woodburning, paint, etc.), and can be… Continue

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Peace Once Day -- September 21 Soccer for peace

Yesterday one of my youtube subscriptions had a link to a great UN sanctioned program: Peace One Day

They have a video and a curriculum on peace work that is available for teachers for free, it appears.

The idea is for everyone to celebrate peace and nonviolence for one day. For one day where the whole world has a cease fire so that necessary healing can… Continue

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What kind of reference materials do you use?

One of the first things I did after I found out about the Earth Scouts was to acquire the book "The Earth Charter In Action: Toward A Sustainable World". It is jam-packed with all kinds of great information and activities.

I also recommend the "Environmental Education Activity Guide, Pre K - 8", another great activity book.

Both books are easy to understand, provide tons of references and have lots of great activities that provide a wide range of stimulation for all ages. Our… Continue

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Happy Earth Day - SHE IS!


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Introduction to the Eatons

we just moved here to charlotte from Washington state and found earth scouts. we are eager to join and get started.

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Singing Peace Into Our Lives~Our Road To Earth Scouts

Peace keeps coming up in my dialogue. Actually it is surfacing in my singing as well. Last week I took the children to a Homeschool Co-op activity to learn some African drumming and singing. We went to this nature preserve down the road. It is actually a bit of an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. Blackacre is an old homestead that has…


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Dream Come True

" the cradle of our dreams, the workshop of our common endeavor."

The Rev. Kenneth L. Patton, Unitarian Universalist

The Earth Scouts have been growing all over the country for years now and it is such a dream come true to have a network now where we can all meet each other and share ideas, stories, experiences, and friendship.

I… Continue

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