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"Creative, interesting, meaningful; these words all describe Paul Fleischman's fictional story Weslandia. As an outcast, Wesley has no friends is quite strange but when he decides grow a staple food crop and create his own civilization people start to think of him a little better. While everyone grows the usual beans, tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts in their garden he discovers the most unusual plant, later named a "Swist", bears a strange fruit and long stalks which can be used for many things including a mosquito repellent, a great snack, can be woven into clothes and used in a game. His civilization is so elaborate that he creates his own counting system, clock, and writing system. As the summer wore on, Wesley and his plants became the most popular things around. Everyone came to use his plants.  Weslandia was a creative story that children would love if they have and adventurous, creative side. The author has great ideas that are fun for children. It teaches many lessons, including the fact that you can be and individual and that you can depend on other things for fun instead of things found at the store."


I love Weslandia and it would be a very good source of inspiration for fun ideas for any Earth Scout group! Most libraries have copies and if not there is an Amazon link to the right. 




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