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Book of the Month - Win Win Solutions: An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperative Economics

January's book of the month is not a 'book' but an amazing curriculum resource pdf download ebook for grades 3-9 that has been published by Equal Exchange. 'Win Win Solutions: An Introduction to Fair Trade and Cooperative Economics" ~ A Curriculum Connecting Children Around the World Through the Power of Fairness and Cooperation.  Grades 4-9

"The Equal Exchange curriculum resources help students begin to build a just and sustainable future, and understand the links between our personal actions and life for all on this planet. These curriculum materials have been designed to take your students from passive consumers to active citizens who make a difference in the world. The Equal Exchange curriculum consists of a wide variety of participatory activities, including visual, auditory and inquiry learning. The curriculum consists of four units: “Our Choices Matter”, “Understanding Fair Trade”, “Understanding Cooperatives”, and ” Make a Difference.” Educators may choose one or two lessons, or all four — depending on time available."




When trying to figure out what kind of activities can be done for the Economic Justice Badge this great resource can be a starting point.  There is an active discussion thread that has been opened for us to share our ideas and experiences from working with this important part of economic justice.  There is also a video posted here that is an intro to the Fair Trade Story. 


Look forward to hearing from you in the discussion!

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Comment by Nichole on February 5, 2011 at 7:48am

For parents who are waiting to introduce this curriculum, grades 4-9, it is easy to see where to begin.  The grocery stores, Farmer's Markets, local Craft Fairs, Food Cooperatives and places of the sort can be visited by you and your family.  Giving your children an introduction to these places, as you shop.  Also, if someone's birthday or event is coming up, help your children purchase gifts or food from these local fair=trade, cooperatives.  Help your children live, or Be sustainable.  When it is time for these lessons, the children will have living=knowledge of what you speak.  It is also important to discuss the shadow-side, like big box stores.  Only then will the children have a dualistic understanding of fair-trade and cooperatives.


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