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I have children ages 13 and 9. Both want to be in an Earth Scouts group. I have interests from their friends/parents as well. Does anyone have experience with blending two different age groups together? How about ideas for activities and projects they can both benefit from and enjoy despite the age difference. Thanks!

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Comment by Pamela Williams on July 28, 2011 at 7:48pm

Our group ranges in age from 3 - 11 at the moment. As far as activities, we make games cooperative games instead of winning and losing where everyone has to help in order to win.

As far as our badges, I have made them as loose as I can so even the smallest child should be able to participate by drawing pictures whereas the older children need to do a little research before earning badges.

Projects are usually very broad based and I usually make sure they can be done by everybody so I usually stick to arts and crafts where they can get as intricate or as messy as they like, still come out with a great product since I do not make one ahead of time so there are no parameters as to what something is "supposed" to look like. It is more interpretation...

Hope that helps! Pamela :)

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