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Making a wreath with natural materials that can be found in the backyard will be a great craft activity for children of all ages. The end result will be a unique wreath that can be displayed on the front door or given as a gift to friends and family.

Nature Craft - Wreath Kids Can Make
Materials Needed to Make Natural Wreath
Pine branches
Pine cones
Craft glue
Ribbon for hanging

How to Make a Wreath With Kids
1. Cut a 2-1/2-inch thick ring out of cardboard. Diameter can be any size, just remember the bigger it is, the more natural items you will need to fill the wreath, and the more time it will take. Younger kids might enjoy making a mini wreath.
2. On the back of the ring, attach two pieces of ribbon and tie in a decorative bow or knot. This will mark the top of the wreath, and will provide a way to hang it once it is finished.
3. Have children collect natural items from outdoors, such as those listed in the ingredients above.
4. Using craft glue, kids can design their natural wreaths.


We decided on using predominantly small granite stones (because we have a lot of them), and a combination of pine cones and branches. We also found a nice branch of red berries. Stones can be painted if desired.

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