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Hello Earth Kids Community (we will just use that name until a new one is decided upon)


If you are reading this then you clicked the link in the broadcast and have chosen to continue exploring possible ways to creatively evolve this community into a member owned and controlled alternative scouting program that allows the spirit of the Earth Scouts to continue into the 21st century - even if under a new name. 


When we removed the ECUS owned content and graphics from this network we were confident that not only could superior resources be created for groups but also excited about the idea of having all new logos/content/graphics be released under the 'creative commons' licenses that many organizations and even businesses are using online.  It is the best way to assure that projects and programs can flourish unimpeded by outdated and archaic ownership issues.  It allows existing works to be expanded upon and redistributed without needing 'permission' which makes things like banners, flyers, guidebooks, and images open source and accessible to all. 


Our team is willing to assist in this process and help also facilitate finding a new 501(c)3 to potentially adopt this program into its fold so that insurance and tax exemption issues can be taken care of if possible and if not then some kind of a structure erected around this network that can handle such issues.


We would like to let you know that we have made contact with the Children & Nature Network and will be discussing with them ideas about how this network can transform itself into an all age scouting program that will be member owned and controlled so that never again will it fall under the wheels of rickety old carriages and operating systems that are going obsolete as we transition into a sustainable future.  C&NN is not in a position to provide those kinds of benefits because they are a 'network' but we want to learn from them and continue nurturing the partnership because they have some great projects and awesome members in their community. 


What about the Earth Charter? 

The Earth Charter does not belong to anyone - it is a civil society document and this program can continue to use the values and principles as guide posts for new badge programs and projects.  What it cannot do is use the official Earth Charter 'logo' which looks like this.


Here are some of the ideas that can be easily implemented immediately: 

  • Decide on a new name
  • New logo created that is licensed under 'creative commons' and therefore not subject to copyright infringement claims
  • New badges developed in alignment with the 4 pillars of the Earth Charter (no one owns the Earth Charter or it's principles - it is a civil society document) - also 'creative commons licensed.
  • New guide books created for group facilitators - creative commons licensed

Pamela Williams started a Leadership Team forum discussion for anyo...


Here are a list of some of the names that were mentioned as potential candidates:


  • Green Scouts (someone already has this domain though)
  • Earth Kids (this domain is taken as well)
  • Earth Stewards (domain taken too)
  • Terra Scouts (domain available)
  • Planet Earth Scouts (domain available)
  • Gaia Scouts (domain available)


We started a forum thread to add new candidates here...


So that is it for now - let's keep the ball rolling forward!






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Comment by Silke on July 12, 2012 at 9:53am

Name: "Earth Collective"

enhances the sense of community and the ALL INCLUSIVE compassionate approach of CREATION in the fullest version and expression of that what we are here for: LOVE.

We are here to love, build, be creative, 

to support, hold, embrace each other

at all moments in time.

That is Creations Truth: UNITY.


Collective has the meaning that we do love ALL THAT THERE IS,

and truly take on the care of that what we express and manifest at all moments

which can only be LOVE and UNITY in the upcoming beyond 2012.

Much love for all who are encouraged and know now

that what we say is what we get

creatively enhance then that what we do

to achieve that what we want.

Love, Light, Peace.

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