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What you'll need:

  • Plastic 2 liter soda pop bottle with cap
  • Very sharp scissors or craft knife
  • Dirt or potting soil
  • Seeds
  • Water

How to make it:

  1. Remove the label from the bottle. Discard label. Save cap! 
  2. Wash and rinse out the bottle and cap.
  3. Cut the bottle close to the bottom. There may be a "line" near the end of where the label was, that's a good place to cut. You can cut it higher if you wish.
  4. Lightly place dirt or potting soil in the base.
  5. Plant a few seeds in the dirt. 
  6. Lightly water.
  7. Put the cap on the bottle.
  8. Cover the base with the top of the bottle. You will have to fiddle with it a bit to fit back inside the base. 
  9. Place in a sunny spot and watch for your seeds to grow. 
  10. When the plants are ready, repot them or plant them in your garden.


  • If your soil starts to look a little dry before your seeds come up, you can unscrew the cap and insert the head of spray bottle of water. Spritz several squirts into the terrarium.
  • This project can also be done with individual sized water bottles. Don't plant more than two seeds in a small bottle like this or they will be overcrowded and won't grow.
  • This makes a great classroom project, just ask each student to bring in a water bottle or 2 liter bottle. Ask students if any of their parents have a garden and would be willing to donate seeds. Bird seed will work for the project as well!

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